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Benavia is a color and craft lover brand based in Peru who strives to preserve the art of handmade goods. Every piece is handcrafted by talented local artisans using only traditional methods to create breathtaking contemporary pieces while continuing to strengthen the local economy and preserving the environment.


Benavia makes sure all our artisans receive a fair price for their work and work in good conditions. We cherish exclusivity in our collections producing in small batches focusing on the quality and pay fair prices to ensure that our actions stimulate the local economy, from the production to the materials and the local creative industry of the region.97% of the artisans are women and their immediate families which usually work at home. This means they can earn an income while sharing valuable time with their families. The relationships that we build are friendships that we gratefully appreciate because it’s thanks to the artisanal human talent that everything we do is possible.


Behind every product, there is a rich heritage, a story, and a unique journey.








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All BENAVIA products are made with natural, high quality and handmade materials. Each piece is died and handcrafted by artisans and may take few days to be completed. As the materials we use in our collections are natural, these may feature a variety of characteristics that are intrinsic to the material. We cannot promise items free from flaws.

As each of our products are made by hand, they are not completely identical and may slightly vary in shape, size and color. We like to think that this adds to the authenticity and uniqueness of our pieces. We recommend to handle your products with care, avoid water and keep them stored in a dry place.