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  • 缺貨的顏色可預訂 // 2 weeks


    Made in France 🇫🇷


    These authentic knitted cotton net bags have been produced in France by a family of makers since 1855. Ideal for trips to the market and grocery store they're super stretchy, strong, compact and practical.


    This long handle version easily slips over your shoulder for ease in carrying heavier loads. 



    Whether you’re perusing farmer’s markets or nipping to the corner shop, paying for plastic bags never feels good — they’re bad for the environment and don’t exactly look too pretty, either. With this bag from Filt, our shopping trips just got a whole lot more eco-friendly. It’s made from pure cotton, and it’s netted design and twin handles make it perfect for carrying anything, from fruit and veg to a bottle of wine.




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    PriceFrom HK$128.00

    100% Organic Cotton

    Each bag is strong, expandable, practical, and ecological. The fibers are dyed using Oeko-Tex 100 standards then knitted and stitched in Caen, France.