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  • Mar Y Sol 是一個公平貿易和環境保護政策的跨文化設計品牌✦
    與馬達加斯加和肯尼亞的工匠的合作,融合馬達加斯加手編文化,並使用當地天然素材、植物染劑等有機材料,100%純手工編織製造出一個個時尚又原始的手袋。 不僅在保留原始和傳統的特色同時,更加強產品的時尚美感,將這些手工產品推廣到國際市場。


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    The hottest tote of the year! Vibrant stripes make the Caracas basket tote a resort season must-have.Handwoven sisal and seagrass with raffia pom poms, inside pocket and leather handles.

    Height: 33cm | Length: 44cm | Depth: 20cm | Strap drop: 10cm
    Approximate dimensions, each piece is handmade.

    Handmade in Madagascar

    Made with organically tanned leathers and responsibly sourced raw materials.

    The sale of Mar Y Sol products enables families to gain economic independence, preserves traditional craft and promotes environmental conservation in Madagascar

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    Mar Y Sol | CARACAS TOTE

    Color: Blue

    材質 手工編織的天然劍麻  |  皮革手柄  |  內含小暗袋層


    • Handwoven sisal 
    • Seagrass basket tote with raffia tassels
    • Inner pocket
    • Leather handles