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  • New York-based Mar Y Sol collaborates with artisan groups in Madagascar to create contemporary, unique and exquisitely crafted designs using natural materials from sustainable sources. In the process, Mar Y Sol strives to showcase traditional production techniques and create consistent economic opportunities for their truly skilled artisans.


    • Revived from the Mar Y Sol design archives, this open weave tote is the perfect beach companion.
    • The unique sunburst pattern is a stylish nod to boho style and lets you shake the sand from your belongings before you leave the beach.
    • Handwoven raffia and seagrass. Unlined.
    • Handmade in Madagascar.

    Mar Y Sol | FORTALEZA

    Color: Beige

    Mar Y Sol works with artisans in Madagascar and Kenya to create vivid, original handbags from renewable materials, enabling families to gain economic independence and education, and promoting environmental conservation. Founder Laurel Brandstetter saw a chance to reduce poverty through the socially and environmentally responsible sale of handmade products, and New York-based designer Jamila Hubbard collaborates with artisans to create pieces with an innovative blend of traditional and contemporary design.